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I was born as the villainess’s daughter inside a novel. When I was born, Mom’s wrongdoings have already been revealed leading to her confinement in the tower, and soon she’ll receive a miserable death at the hands of the main characters. I held her hand while looking over my mother who searched for her ex-husband until her dying breath. My small hand entwined Mom’s rough one and she finally turned to me with a warm gaze. “I understand you, Mom.” “…” “Don’t struggle anymore, and rest well.” And don’t wait for something like Dad who won’t come. At my words, a tear fell from my mother’s eye and soon, she comfortably rested. As the novel’s villainess is dead, I, her daughter, will also die tomorrow night by those people. And then the second part of the novel will start. A novel where the main characters go on adventures, love and become happy at the first part. But I don’t want to die and I have no thoughts of letting the second part flow as it is. “It’s fine even if I’m this mean.” It’s a life where I don’t know when I’d die anyway, so might as well change how the novel’s second part goes.