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ContentsReverse Tower Dungeon mangaRead Reverse Tower Dungeon Manga Online For FreeYou can read manga very hot!!!Reverse Tower Dungeon mangaRead Reverse Tower Dungeon Manga Online For FreeThe main character, Tsurugiya Daichi, is an aspiring novelist. He doesn’t do very well, so he works part time as he continues updating his webnovel. While doing so, he has a theatrical reunion with his high school friend, Himari Hinomoto, whom he separated from on less than ideal terms in the bookstore in front of his work. In that moment, as if their meeting was the trigger, the world gets turned upside down. Magic circles appear, skyscrapers sink, and the interiors of buildings are “reversed”. What’s more, the monsters from Daichi’s novel attack… Can Daichi and Himari escape safely from the “inverted” tower? A web-comic fantasy with unpredictable twists and turns!Both images and content are not ours. We translate and post it for the purpose of exposing more people to comicsIf you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.You can read manga very hot!!! Prince Hero The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me? Lemon Kill My Husband The Era of Female Doctor