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is a webtoon manhwa composed by Sung Sang-Young and illustrated by Sangah
Nevertheless, once the primary protagonist, Han Jee-Han, realises that there’s before him saying that he’s eventually become a game character, a dialogue box, supernatural events begin occurring
Han Jee-Han (Hanjihan) also referred to as “The Gamer” is the primary protagonist of the manhwa The Gamer that has lately find he has a Natural Ability known as The Gamer. This skill makes his life is experienced by him in a game-like setting that has been derived from his gambling habit.He’s predominantly found wearing his school uniform: red tie, blue shirt and black trousers.
Before he got the power called “”, Jeehan had no motivation or wishes to realize anything. Like many teens at his age, he sought to get a means to eventually become a significant man in society and had no clue what he wished to do with his life. After being throw to the risks of the Abyss yet, Jeehan’s daily life has taken a turn that was complete and he’s changed significantly.There is nothing in Jeehan’s life he actually loved doing other than playing game titles as well as in accordance to that particular passion, he was allowed the natural ability called “The Gamer”.Due to his fixations with video games, Jeehan can generally connect most things he learns regarding the Gaia Theory as well as the Abyss back to video games making it easier for him.Though he is not an entire coward, Jeehan used to select running away as his first choice to make sure his survival and has revealed a reluctance to participate himself in battle. After leveling up and becoming accustom to enemies that are participating, Jeehan is only going to run away in the event the problem is out of his league and is now a lot more confident in his powers.Sun-II Sae-Young and has often laughed at these monologues which annoys Jeehan to no end.Because of the very practical functions that his natural ability gives him (such as creating falls from nothing, enabling him to learn skill publications immediately, and getting passive abilities), Jeehan’s ego has gotten apparently large. Nevertheless, after seeing the overwhelming power of people who are veterans in the Abyss, Jeehan’s egotism about his powers continues to be lowered and he’s started to see how really little he’s.Because he’s spent most of his life Jeehan is self-conscious around girls that are pretty and has trouble concealing his humiliation when teased. SaeYoung and often teases him by getting close and Lolikiano Mistream use this for all its value. Jee-Han has additionally expressed an interest in the other gender, for example Shi Yun who he believes has an appealing body and Sung Ah who he believes is extremely adorable.Imagination is a characteristic which continues to be a continuous edge to Jee-Han the toolbox of , and it has used his instinct to create several techniques that are useful. For instance, Jeehan understood his energy bolt lacked piercing damage so he chose to control his ki to add properties that were whirling to his assault, creating the Spinning Mana Arrow in the procedureYou also may like:
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