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The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s Family / 조무래기 공작가의 깡패 아기님
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Read manhwa The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s Family / 조무래기 공작가의 깡패 아기님
My name is Leonora Hachania.
I’m the daughter of a minor extra villain, but I have a great desire for power. I can’t leave the Hachanias as insignificant as the original!
“Cloudy to the left!”
“Do it!”
“Cloudy to the right!”
“Just Do it!”
Showing off my sunglasses made with ink, I raised my voice.
“Enoch, don’t cry!”
The third child, who made weak eye contact with me, was surprised and sniffed his runny nose.
“Wahh, I won’t cry!”
I succeeded.
“Was it supposed to be this week? It’s like tr*sh.”
“Gasp! Save-save me!”
“Brother, why don’t you kill him quickly because it looks like it would be a better thing for him.”
My older brothers who used to be extras became the world’s greatest villains who can even blow the male lead away! The clumsy villain dad was a challenge though.
“Lini, what else are you planning to do…”
“Hoho, never mind. You’re planning something mean like my daughter. That’s good.”
He was converted to a duel personality villain.
Haha! Good. I must use the original information to make my family significant and raise my wealth!
I tried to escape the time-limit body by enjoying the life of a real villain.
“I know the princess is a kind person, so wishing only for you to be kind to me would be greedy.”
I think the human weapon that was revived for the family is a little broken.
“But if there’s no subject to be kind to…”
The bright red flame from his hand burned the world map.
“Shouldn’t you be kind to yourself?”